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Board members...stated that the content was completely appropriate, complete, accurate and straight forward.”
Redding and Region 9 School District. Connecticut

The video deals with students feelings in a sensitive manner.  The committee approved recommending the use of this video for sixth grade in an 8 – 0 vote.”
Linden Community Schools. Michigan

Strong, easy to navigate website! Your website with the ability to have a short preview was a definite strength”
Millard Public Schools. Nebraska

curriculum evaluations

These materials evaluated as high quality by a Material Review Board of California educators and health professionals.  Real people dealing with real situations in an easy-to-understand way.”
Health Framework for California Public Schools via The California Healthy Kids Resource Center. California

No hokey acting, no staged interviews and no boring lectures…adolescents dealing with real situations, in a real, easy-to-understand way.”
Sheboygan Area School District. Wisconsin

Evaluated by over 100 people… positive comments from the teachers who used the video in the instruction for the Growth and Development lessons.”
Kyrene School District. Arizona