Bad Day At School
Series (Each DVD Contains 6 episodes)

This hit series contains topical character education episodes as they appeared on the huge hit youtube series.  They are produced in the contemporary youtube style of unscripted youtube chat-like topical discussions.

Each DVD Series is sold separated and holds 6 episodes as listed below.

Series One:
1. How to Deal with Bullies          
One of the worst things to deal with at school is a bully.  Learn how to deal with a bully?

2. Should I Report a Bully?      
Some people say you should report a bully?  Is that true?  What happens if I do?

3.  Why Do Bullies Pick on Me?        
Am I really that lame?  Why am I being picked on at school by a bully?

4. How To Ask Someone Out On a Date         
How do I ask someone out on a date?  What should I say?

5.  Should I Go to the Prom or Formal Dance?    
Homecoming, Winter Formal, Spring Formal, Prom - should I go?  What if I don't want to?  Will it ruin my life?

6.  Is Dating Important?    
If I'm not dating someone am I a loser?  Is dating important?  What should I do?


Series Two:
7.  How to Make New Friends      
I want new friends.  I don't know how to make friends?  What should I do.

8.  Are there Good Friends and Bad Friends?         
What is a good friend?  What is a bad friend?  How do I choose a friend?

9.  Dealing with Teachers at School      
I don't know how to deal with my teacher.  What should I say to my teacher.  I have a bad teacher - what do I do?
10.  How to join Stuff at School    
How do I join a sports team?  How do I join a club at school.  I'm afraid to join.  Should I even join?  What do I do?

11.  I Feel Bad About Myself
I don't like myself.  I don't feel good about myself.  I feel like a looser.  Now what?

12.  Should I Care About my Clothes and Hair at School?      
Should I care about what I look like at school?  What if I don't like they way I look.  How can I change it?


Series Three
13.  Can I Change the Way I Look?      
I feel fat.  I feel ugly.  I hate the way I look.  Should I go on a diet?  Should I work out?  How do I work out?  How do I go on a diet?

14.  Dealing with Grades at School
Should I worry about my grades at school?  How can I change them?  How do I talk to a teacher?  What should I do?

15. Dealing with  Principals and Administrators
How do I talk to my principal.  Is my principal is scary and mean?  Should I avoid my principal and other people in charge at school?

16.  Social Media and School
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, even texting at school!  Is everyone doing it?  Should I do it?  What should I post?  What shouldn't I post?

17.  Life Sucks   
I think life sucks!  It's just too hard.  I hate school.  I hate myself.  What do I do?  What is wrong with me?

18.  I Don't Fit in at School    
No one likes me at school.  I'm a loaner.  What should I do?  No one even notices me at school.  What am I doing wrong?  What should I change?


Series Four:
19.  I'm Embarrassed about my Family          
My family embarrasses me.  What should I do?  What can I do about my family.  I don't want people at school to know about my mom or dad.

20.  What is Sexual Abuse and Physical Abuse
I've been abused.  My parents beat me.  I've been sexually abused.  What do I do?  Who do I talk to?

21.  Drinking and Drugs Choices at School
People at school do drugs.  People at school drink.  Should I do drugs?  Should I drink? What do I do?

22.  Smoking at School
People smoke at school.  My friend started smoking.  Should I smoke?  What should I do?

23  Is Hygiene and Being Clean Important at School      
Do I stink?  What if I know someone who stinks?  How often should I take a shower.  What about deodorant.  What about getting my period?

24  Protecting Yourself from Shooters at School     
Should I be afraid to go to school?  Could a shooter come to my school?

All School Ages. Runs average 6 minutes per episode.   Copyright 2016. DVD, $89.95 each.

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